Massage Therapy Services

Experience soothing body treatments, mindful massages, personalized therapies and more to help you tune out the noise of our fast-paced lives. Our therapists strive to help you feel peace and relaxation during your visit with us.

Available Massage Therapy Treatments and Pricing

Swedish Massage

Utilizing long, fluid strokes, this classic massage relieves muscle tension and improves circulation. This therapy is also effective for pain management, muscle rehabilitation, and improvement in flexibility. Swedish massage can be both relaxing and energizing, providing a feeling of overall well-being.

60 Min: $100
90 Min: $130

Couples Massage

*Please note that our couples massages are performed in separate rooms at the same time. We do offer customized couples packages for massage and skin care. All packages include a complimentary drink of your choice, along with a variety of snacks.

 60 Min:  $225 (per couple)
 90 Min:  $295 (per couple)

Prenatal Massage

Designed to nurture and support both mother and baby, this gentle massage focuses on the areas of the body affected most by pregnancy. Pre-natal massage deepens a sense of calm and relaxation and helps improve sleep. Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling).

 60 Min: $115
90 Min: $150

Deep Tissue Massage

Deeply therapeutic, this custom massage targets chronic tension. Using a variety of techniques, your therapist helps bring relief to areas of pain and stiffness. Deep tissue is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

60 Min: $115
90 Min: $150

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as MLD, manual lymphatic drainage, relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels.

 60 Min:  $125

Sports Massage

Massage therapy for active participants in group or individual sport can help you reach your goals. The idea behind sports massage is to manipulate the body’s soft tissues, and focus on certain muscle groups depending on the activity or sport. This massage stabilizes cortisol levels, a stress hormone similar to adrenaline. This type of massage can help with increased blood flow, increased range of motion, increased flexibility, and reducing recovery time after an injury.

60 Min: $125
90 Min: $155

Options for Additional Services

  • Hot Stone – additional $20
  • Aromatherapy – additional $10
  • 20 minutes of stretching added to any massage – $20
  • Hot/Cold Therapy – Assists in the relief of nerve pain and inflammation – $30
  • Percussion Therapy – accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fiber by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body – $10

Hot Stone Massage

Our heated stones will penetrate relaxing warmth to the deep layers of your muscles, melting away tension, easing muscle stiffness and increasing circulation and metabolism. Each therapy session promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, heated stones at key points on the body. A customized massage with the use of hot stones will also be incorporated which will offer enhanced benefits.

60 Min: $115
90 Min: $160

Post Operative Lymphatic Massage

MLD and post-op massage are crucial and should be light, never deep or painful. 8-10 sessions is always a good amount and can begin immediately after surgery or per your doctors recommendation. Massage is beneficial during this healing time to keep your scar(s) linear and reduce the risk of fibrosis.

30 Minutes:  $65
Packages available, inquire within.

120 Minute Therapeutic Massage

Our two-hour therapeutic is our ultimate relaxing service for a full body massage with specific work on areas that require more attention. Our therapist can take time for customization with any additional modalities necessary.

120 Minutes:  $195

About Zen Spas Massage Therapy

Experience soothing body treatments, mindful massages, personalized therapies and more to help you tune out the noise of our fast-paced lives. Our therapists strive to help you feel peace and relaxation during your visit with us.

Zen Spas is a new day spa located in the beautiful and unique city of Dickinson, Texas. We are honored to bring a place of peace and serenity to the local culture, including a variety of massage therapy, skin care, and more. We hope to bring the surrounding and organic environment to you through our treatments, products, and beautiful meditation garden.

Zen Spas provides a homeopathic and natural revolution in beauty, massage therapy, esthetics, circulation, skin care, and wellness. For those looking for a place of relaxation and healing, our therapists and estheticians will use their intuitive and learned healing powers to refresh your mind, body and spirit in ways that are profound and personal.

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Call Us at (281) 967-7119 and book your appointment by phone during our normal business hours. See Hours

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Walk-Ins Welcome

We welcome walk-in visits at our spa located at 504 FM 517 Road W. Dickinson, TX 77539. Map Location

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

Reservations can be made by calling the spa directly at (281) 967-7119 or you can click the Booker application link on this page to schedule an appointment online. If we miss your call, leave us a message and we will get back to you promptly.

What if I'm Late?

Arriving late will limit the time for your spa treatment lessening it’s effectiveness and your enjoyment. As your service was reserved at a specific time, your treatment will end promptly at the time it was supposed to, as to not inconvenience other guests.

If you arrive 15 minutes past the start of your appointment time, you will need to be rescheduled, and you will be charged the full amount of your service. Your booked appointment time has been saved for you and your provider, therefore other clients are not able to book during that time. We respect your time and the time of our providers with this policy.

I haven’t received a massage treatment in a while - should I be concerned?

Not at all. Our experienced massage therapists will customize the gradual intensity of massage treatment your body needs. As your body adjusts to the pressure and reform you are undergoing, the frequency of your visits will improve your experience.

Do you accept walk-ins?

We would love to see you – come on by! Because of our intimate setting, though, this may mean small wait times. We have an amazing meditation garden and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating where you can relax in a tranquil environment if we cannot see you immediately.

What is the Spa’s cancellation policy?

We kindly ask that you give the spa a minimum of 24 hour notice if you must cancel your appointment. The full service cost will be charged for any late cancellation or no-show appointments.

Is there anything I need to prepare for before my visit?

We ask that our guests wear comfortable clothes that suit the treatment you will be experiencing at the spa. To respect your therapist and other guests, moderate hygiene will be expected.

What if I have special medical conditions?

We recommend that you check with your physician before visiting the spa, and notify us of any medical conditions prior to booking. Your therapist will review and assess your health history before beginning your first treatment. You should always notify your massage therapist and/or esthetician if you are pregnant, nursing, a hemophiliac, or have any auto immune deficiencies.

Gift Card Policy

The gift giving experience is one that should always be cherished. If you keep in mind that experiences are better to give than material things, there are no better gifts to give than the experience of self-wellness and healing.

We do allow clients to hold their appointment with a gift card, as long as it covers the amount of the service. If it covers a portion of the service, a credit card will need to be provided to book the appointment. Holding your booking with a gift card still requires a 24 notice of rescheduling or cancellation, and will be used to cover the cost of a no-show or late cancellation.

*All gift card sales are final.

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